Richard Mowser

Richard Mowser, serves as our Audit Committee expert. Mr. Mowser is an experienced industry expert with over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality profession. Since May 2018, Mr. Mowser has served as a food and beverage consultant at Crown Point Beach Resort where he restructured and rebranded the restaurant resulting in increased revenue by 400% with second year improvement up 25% year on year. From May 2012 to May 2018, Mr. Mowser served as the Chief Executive Officer of Queen’s Park Cricket Club where he developed and executed a strategic business plan resulting in increased revenues of $17 million from 2012 to 2013 to $25 million in 2015 to 2016.

Mr. Mowser earned his undergraduate degree from Greshams School UK in 1977. Mr. Mowser is also an AAT level 1, graduating from London School of Accountancy in 1979 and served as an auditor with Deloitte and Touche for several years.
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